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Candle Making

Candle making is messy, but fun. Use drop cloths or newspapers to catch drips and splatters and an apron to protect your clothes. You will need a stick or wooden spoon for stirring the wax and tin cans or a double boiler for melting the wax. Cardboard box lids or something with a lip to catch the drippings should be placed under the molds.



  1. Cover everything with newspapers or drop cloths to catch spilled wax. If any wax drips, it can be scraped up and reused. However, hot wax will stain and burn the floor and counters if splattered.
  2. NEVER melt wax directly on the stove, always put it in a tin can placed in a pan of hot water or use a double boiler. Melting wax in a pan directly over a flame or on the electric element can cause a fire.
  3. DO NOT let temperature of wax go over 300 F. Be very careful not to drip water into the hot wax. It will cause the wax to EXPLODE and cause serious burns, I know this from first hand experience.
  4. ALWAYS have something available to put out a possible fire. A fire extinguisher or a box of salt will do the job.
  5. Clean utensils in boiling water; DO NOT pour this water down the drain, wax will clog the sink.
  6. Use a separate can for each color. Discarded crayons are great for colouring wax. One crayon will color about one quart of wax. Just keep adding crayons until the shade and darkness is right. Make the color a little darker then you want because when it dries it will be lighter. You can also melt pieces of old candle. Break the candle in two to remove the used wick.
  7. Two tablespoons of stearine or stearic acid added to a quart of melted wax makes a candle that is more opaque, more durable, and intensifies the color.
  8. You can buy wicking at a craft store such as Michaels. Don't use ordinary string.
  9. My favorite molds are milk cartons.
  10. Cut the lid off the carton.
  11. Cut notches on two opposite sides of the carton.
  12. Tie a wick to the middle of a pencil tie a penny to the other end of the wick
  13. Place penny in the bottom of the carton in the middle
  14. Lay a pencil crosswise in notches on the top of the carton.
  15. Pour wax, let set and peel off the cardboard.
  16. Frozen juice containers work well too.
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