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Tin Can Toy - A Walker

imageHere is a craft for the holiday season to amuse your child at home while you are preoccupied. Balancing on the tin cans, the children pull on the handles as they lift their feet and take steps. (for older children who won't get tangled in the string)

imageMaterials Needed


  1. Punch 2 nail holes in the top of each can, close to the rim.
  2. Thread with string, adjust to the child's height.
  3. Tie or twist inside can.

Now your child has a new inexpensive toy to help distract them from the big event that is coming. If you have more than one child, suggest that they race or see who can stay on the longest.

Tin Can Toy - A Push Toy

imageOne tin can turns as it rolls along the ground acting as a toothless gear to turn the other can.

Materials Needed:


  1. Punch nail holes in the center of each of the cans.
  2. Insert wire so that one can touches the other at right angles. Bend wire to stay in place.
  3. Adjust handle to child's height.
  4. Optional: Decorate the top can with bright colors, decals, paper wings, etc., to make a kaleidoscopic effect as the cans rotate.
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