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Sand Candles



  1. Fill a small bucket or flower pot with clean, damp (not wet) sand.
  2. Hollow out any shape you like with your hands, stick, or pencil. Whatever you hollow out will be the shape of the completed candle. You might want to push a round cereal bowl or a jello mold into the sand to make your shape.
  3. Break up wax and put pieces in an empty can.
  4. Fill cooking pot about 1/3 full with water.
  5. Place can in water and heat the wax slowly. Be certain that your pan is perfectly dry (water will cause the wax to explode as it heats).
  6. A colored wax crayon will provide the color or you can purchase candle dye.
  7. Cut a piece wick and tie it to a weight such as a penny, pebble or washer. Push the tied end into the sand at the middle bottom of the pot. Wind the other end of the wick around the pencil and balance this on top of the bucket. Be sure the wick is straight.
  8. Carefully pour the wax into the sand mold. The sand should be damp, but not too wet or it won't stick to the wax.
  9. As the wax begins to cool, the sand will drop, forming a hollow in the wax. Keep refilling the hollow with hot wax.
  10. If you want a thick crust, you need to use hotter wax. The hotter the wax the thicker the crust. But be careful: hot wax can cause severe burns.
  11. Let the candle set for two or three hours in a cool place.
  12. Use a candle needle or a piece of thick wire to make a hole for the wick. Cut the wire as long as the candle is deep. Leave it in the mold overnight until the wax hardens.
  13. Dig the candle out of the sand the next day. Carefully brush any loose sand from the candle. A small coating of sand should be left on the candle. You can decorate the outside sand crust by gluing on small christmas shapes purchased from a craft store or glue on small pine stems, or you can carve a design in the sand with a sharp instrument.
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