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Craft Projects

Christmas Piñata

You need:


  1. Take large shopping bag and fill it lightly with crinkled newspaper.
  2. Add the wrapped candy along with the newspaper.
  3. Close the bag and tape.
  4. Time to decorate. Cut tissue paper into 3 inch strips.
  5. Fringe the strips by cutting along the edge. Careful not to cut all the way through.
  6. Glue the strips around the bag. Start at the bottom or at one side.
  7. Overlap the tissue paper.
  8. Decorate your piñata to look like a Christmas ornament, santa, donkey, or snowman etc.

Hang the piñata. Blindfold one person at a time, give him the stick and aim him at the piñata. Make sure that everyone is clear of the stick. STAND WAY BACK. Once the piñata is broken, make sure that everyone gets a share of the candy.

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