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Pebbled Candles

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To make chunks (pebbles)

  1. Fill small cans with water and place them in pan filled with water
  2. Place pan over medium-low heat.
  3. Cut colored candles into small chunky pieces.
  4. Put one small chunk in a teaspoon and dip chunk into hot water in can for about two to four seconds.
  5. This will melt the outside surface of chunk.
  6. With spoon, immediately remove chunk from water and place it on sheet of paper toweling for one second (just to drain off excess water and for easier handling).
  7. While chunk is still soft, press it firmly on your candle.
  8. Place another chunk in teaspoon and into hot water and repeat process above.
  9. Place warm chunk next to chunk on candle.
  10. Repeat to cover all around sides of candle.

From the McCall's Book of Handcrafts.

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