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Oil Lamp Chimney Santa

oil lamp santaSupplies:


  1. Trace small and large ends of chimney onto cardboard and cut out
  2. Glue small disc on the small end
  3. Fill the chimney with popcorn
  4. Glue large disc on large end
  5. Glue eyes, nose and mouth on side of chimney
  6. Glue pulled apart pieces of cotton on santa's face for a beard and hair
  7. Measure top of chimney and cut out a triangle to make a hat
  8. Glue edge together.
  9. Glue a cotton ball on the tip of the hat
  10. Glue cotton balls around the edge of the hat
  11. Shape picture wire or pipe cleaners to make glasses
  12. These are only loose directions, be creative and especially have fun!
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