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Fridge Magnet Christmas Gift

imageThis can be an inexpensive way to remember people at work, church, or other group that you belong to. Also a good gift for children to give to their teachers, friends, grand parents etc.

This is a photo of a gift given to me as a reminder that my friends love me.



  1. Cut out cardboard 3 inches x 4.25 inches (size is up to you)
  2. Wrap your gift with the wrapping paper
  3. Type or write out a message on the white paper for example:
  4. Glue your message on the back of your package, leave enough room for the magnet
  5. Affix a small strip of magnet to the top/back, above your message
  6. Tie the string or ribbon around the package and tie a bow (you can secure the string with a little glue.
  7. Your Gift is ready to give!
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