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The Gift Tree

Giving gifts from the heart sometimes requires more than money.

This christmas make a gift tree. Let family members hang promises and messages to each other on it.

For instance:

Dear Mom I love you. I promise to do the dishes for you 3 times when it is your turn. Merry Christmas!! - Love Christy

Dear Tommy I promise to make you your favorite Chocolate Cake when you ask for it. Hugs and Kisses - Mom

Be creative! So here is a simple tree to hang your "gifts" on. Open your "gifts" on Christmas morning.



  1. Lay your branch on spread out newspaper
  2. Spray the branch with the white paint let dry
  3. Highlight the branch with the gold paint
  4. Place the branch in a bucket filled with sand
  5. Now you have a tree to decorate
  6. Make and decorate small cards with a message for your friends and family
  7. Punch a small hole in the corner of your card
  8. Put a piece you yarn through the hole and hang.
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