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How to fold a Paper Crane


  1. Fold a square piece of paper in half horizontally. The fold A back to bottom center (D), and B forward to front bottom center (C).
  2. Your paper should look like this.
  3. Pull C (the front) and D (the back) apart all the way until you have a flat diamond (as in small diagram).
  4. Fold top layers of C and D inward to center line at E and fold down F along dotted line.
  5. You paper should look like this.
  6. Now here's the tricky part: Unfold step 4. Take top layer only at G and put it up making use of the crease (dotted line). This allows points C and D to fold back to center line along creases. Turn paper over and repeat steps 4, 5, and 5, ignoring new flap topped by point G.
  7. With split at bottom, fold H and I inward so that edges meet center line. Turn paper over and repeat
  8. Temporarily open flaps at (L1 and L2). Repeat with K. Fold down wings.

From Alternatives, Forest Park Georgia

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