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Craft Projects

Candy Basket


Supplies Directions
  1. Measure a square 4" x 4" (or any size your wish) on heavy paper such as construction paper.
  2. Fold diagonally twice Fig. 1
  3. Take edge A B and fold 1/4" past centre of paper. Repeat with other sides so paper is marked as Fig. 2.
  4. Refold each diagonal as far as centre square: A to E, B to F, C to G and D to H, so crease is reversed.
  5. Turn up edges A B and C D to make basket shape as in Fig. 3.
  6. Fold triangular projections towards inside surface of basket, Fig. 4.
  7. Glue all adjoining surfaces.
  8. To make handle, fold a strip of 4" x 1" (or to suit size) in half lengthwise. Glue together and roll gently over finger to make a curve. Then glue to inside of basket.
  9. Decorate with ribbon, lace, cutouts or as wished

Box Diagram

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