Kitchener-Waterloo and Grand River Valley NetList "E"

Company/Group Name
City Location
Ebytowne Motors Waterloo Used Car Sales auto
Ecologistics Ltd. Waterloo environmental consulting industry
The Economical Insurance Group Waterloo Insurance Company service
Edcom Communication Products Kitchener multimedia presentation specialists technology
Bruce Edmeades Sales Ltd. Kitchener, London food and supplies distribution industry
Electra Supply Inc. Kitchener/Waterloo wholesale electrical & electronic products industry
Electronic Craftsmen Ltd. Waterloo electrical & electronic products industy
The Electronic Directory Services Cambridge Internet guide and community services and directories. computer
The Elora Festival Elora Classical Choral Music Festival Arts
Enermodal Engineering Kitchener improve energy and resource efficiency of buildings industry
Engsoft Waterloo Engineering software computers, industry
Entertainment Technology Consultants Bloomingdale consult displays, electronic images computer
Excalibur Crossbow Kitchener hunting crossbows hobby

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revised July 2004